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Why to book in advance?

You have a dream to make a parachute jump? Let your dream come true right now! Go up to 3000 meters and look what can see the flying birds! For an extra charge you can have your jump recorded (fun for later!).

After the jump you will get your First Jump Certificate !

129.00 € tax incl.


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Parachute jumper weight and height:

We propose TANDEM JUMP - the simplest introduction into skydiving.
No experience, special taining or high level of fitness is required. A little daring and motivation is all it takes. During an introductory talk one of our instructors will explain what awaits you. Then you board the aircraft and are hooked onto your instructor. At an altitude of around three kilometers the door is opened and together with the jumpmaster you will fall at a speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour. During this absolutely impressive experience you can enjoy a magnificent panorama. After half a minute an extra large parachute will open overhead. The canopy will transport you and the tandem master back to the landing area.

We organize jumps from April till September on weekends.

Just before each tandem skydive the instruction takes about 30min.

Price for one person 129 EUR.


Price includes instruction, skydive equipment rental, the flight, first jump diplomas, passenger’s aviation insurance and other taxes.

You can make a jump at Pociunai airport: Pociunai, Prienai district. Approximately 40 km from Kaunas.


You can find it here on map

Aeroport coordinates: 54.654918, 24.070736.


Ordering this service, you can order a transfer service and you will not need to worry about travelling to and from. Do not forget to indicate the place where you must be taken from.

If you do not know the exact location when ordering, please inform about it a day before the visit takes place by phone indicated in your voucher.


When ordering the service, it is necessary to specify the desired jump time.


Duration: about 5 hours.

The parachute jumps are dependent on the weather conditions. So if you have any doubts about the weather (it is cloudy, windy etc.) it is good idea to make a call, before coming to DZ. And even after you came to DZ, the weather conditions can change, and your first jump can be rescheduled to another day.

Requirements for the jump with the square parachute: Your weight should not exceed 120 kg (265 lb). Permissible weight is 40-120kg. If you arranged your tandem jump beforehand Arrive to DZ at appointed time. If for some reasons you can be late, make a call to give a notice to the manager. Have a suitable shoes for a jump (high-heeled shoes are not suitable). All other equipment including jumpsuit, protective goggles you'll get in our DZ.

It is forbidden to make a parachute jump under influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. If you have any medical problems or suspect to be pregnant, please, consult your doctor before the jump. Anyway you must inform the DZ manager about your health problems. If you are under the 18, you must have written agreement from your parents with contact telephone number.