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Water activities

Water activities
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Lithuania is a land of lakes. We invite you to experience long lasting indelible impressions in Lithuania choosing one of the attractions offered on the water. Here you will find a variety of water attractions starting from water parks to a quiet boat sailing or yachting; from diving lessons to canoeing, from the complex of bath to sailing lessons. Lagoon Cruise, water scooters and many other memorable entertainments on the water.

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Scuba Diving is a great opportunity to get to know the underwater world. You do not need any advance preparation. The only things you will need are the courage and desire. Supervised and instructed by the instructor, a novice performs several exercises in water, and then dive into the depth for 45 minutes to explore lake Plateliai enlaced by legends.

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Penetrate into the history of Lithuanian of the fifteenth century. Dive into the historical depths of the lake Plateliai where you will be able to see the poles of the bridge which once joined the castle island with Šventorkalnis. When the lake surface is smooth to the top of the poles can be seen from the boat, but the depth of the lake at this point is 13 meters, that is why to look at them more closely is possible diving deeper under the water.

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