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Those who once have got off the ground in a hot air balloon, will not be able to forget this experience ever. A hot-air balloon ride is the best way to capture panoramic views of Trakai castle and its outskirts and take photographs from the bird's-eye view. A hot air balloon flight can become a key element to any festival and a wonderful gift for you and your friends.

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A flight with a hot air balloon is an exclusive possibility to enjoy the air element and toand see new and familiar places from entirely different, new and unusual angles. As the balloon gondola is open, you will be able to admire the views of the flight at most. During the flight you can use photo or video cameras or mobile phones.


Pilot can speak three languages: Lithuanian, Russian and English.


Clothing is recommended protecting the whole body, most appropriate is cotton. It is advisable to have a hat or cap against the sun. Shoes has to be solid (preferably outdoor boots), not high-heeled shoes.

We also recommend you to take photos or video equipment.

Price for one person 99 EUR.


Price includes one-hour flight, diplomas of the flight: people undertaking a hot air balloon flight for the first time, are ordained into balloonist ranks by the crew, and receive flight diplomas, balloonists ordination ceremony with sparkling wine, and transportation back, passenger’s aviation insurance.

Most popular meeting point - "Lukoil" gas station at the intersection Vilnius and Trakai. If You are ordered "Transfer from hotel" service, we will pick up You from hotel.


The exact departure point and time is known that very flight day, or a day before. You should call by telephone number specified in the Voucer.

Hot air balloon flights normally take place early in the morning (1-2 hours after the sunrise), and in the evening, 1-2 hours prior to the sunset.

Flight duration is one hour and the whole entertainment continues for about three hours (including the balloon preparation for flight and the return journey after the flight).

If you feel well and if you are physically prepared, you may take part in the inflation and packaging of the hot air balloon. However, if you experience heart, blood circulation problems or have recently undergone a surgery, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and inform the pilot about your problems prior to the flight. Persons younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and can not fly alone. Children under the height of 1 meter 10 centimeters cannot fly.


If due to the forecast of unfavorable meteo conditions, such as a strong wind, rain, fog or storm clouds, the flight can be transferred to any other day the client likes. Hot air balloon always flies just downwind and at wind speed. It is always accompanied by a car, which then returns the balloon and its passangers.

If the client refused to get service at more than 4 days before the service providing date, the Service Provider will return to the Customer the amount paid for the service. If a client refused to get service at less than 4 days before the date of service providing, the amount paid is non-refundable. If due to the weather conditions or other objective circumstances the Service Provider can not provide a customer the service, the customer is offered the service or other similar services in other time or another date. But if the customer does not accept othe services in any other time, the Service Provider returns the amount paid by the customer.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the basket of a hot air balloon and within 10 meter distance from the envelope, basket and trailer of the hot air balloon.

It is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects and objects made out of glass during the flight.

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages immediately prior to, and during, a hot air balloon flight.