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Why to book in advance?

Recreational boating in an entertaining, power-driven boat in Galves Lake will leave you with unforgettable memories. You will experience romance and peace with your friends or family while admiring and gazing at the castle of Trakai and manor of Uzutrakis, while sitting at the table or lying on a sunbed.

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This pleasant activity is an excellent way to relax and escape from troubles and stress. It can be an adventure with your dearest friends, family members or just a romantic sail with your most cherished person while drinking a glass of champagne or wine.

The boat is provided with a barbeque kettle, thus it is possible to grill sausages or shashlik while sailing or you can just bring snacks on-board. This activity is available on all occasions: weddings, birthdays, bachelor /hen-parties, christening, and etc.

The boat sails in any weather and at any time of the day (The sunset is the most emotional and spectacular time to choose). The boat is mounted with an awning, which is rainproof, and if it is windy, you can warm yourself with the plaids in the boat. Galves Lake is filled with islands, which means that even on a windy day it will be possible to sail to a lee and enjoy the peacefulness. It is also possible to sunbathe on sunny days and even bathe in the lake.

The price of boat sailing entertainment:

1 hour - 40 EUR
2 hours - 80 EUR

The price does not depend on the number of travellers. Boat can accommodate up to 12 guests. The boat sailing is intended exactly for you.

The boat sails every day.

Boat sailing starts at: 12 pm., Last tour starts at 23 pm.

Boat sailing takes 1 hour.

The tour begins and ends: We depart and arrive at the pier, which is located on the left side at the very end of the bridge to Traku pilis. (Karaimų str., Trakai). However, if prearranged, it is possible to depart and arrive to another location.

The boat will not sail only in the bad weather. Persons under 18 years old must be accompanied by adults.

A boat with helmsman. A barbeque kettle, a table, a sunbed, a CD player, plaids, lifebuoy, life jackets. Your security is ensured by your behaviour on board.
The boat accommodates up to 12 people. The boat is perfectly suitable for a photo sessions.
The captain speaks Lithuanian, Russian and English. It is recommended to have a cap. The security of photo cameras, video cameras and other personal technical gadgets are ensured by the passengers themselves.

While using the barbeque kettle, it is important to not only have the meat for cooking, but also to have coal and an inflammable liquid.