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A lot of wind and obscurity, fight between determination and inner fears, physical fatigue and unexpected challenges, surprises and excitement of success accompany each of us on the road of adventure. Thirst of cognition tickles people’s curiosity. Therapy of adventure leaves no one indifferent.

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A route of moto safari is about 15 km long and takes from 1 to 1.5 hours. It is technically difficult track because extends through natural obstacles - steep uphill’s and descents, pits, bushes, etc. Nevertheless, reliable four-wheels easily overcome these obstacles. Free-livers have time to deal with obstacles and to stop to share impressions. The route runs alongside Lokenėliai mound, the fourth century old oaks, and beautiful banks of the river Sventoji. A group of four people accompanied by a group instructor can run at the same time.

You will ride a reliable quad, with capacity of 350 cm3.


In the cold season, warm clothing is recommended. We provide helmets, warm boots, and coverall to protect against moisture and dirt and warm gloves.

Price: 1 person - 75 EUR.
The price includes:
- A reliable four-wheel quad with capacity of 350 cm3 for 1-1.5 hours, the route of 15 km;
- Services of an instructor, clothing and a helmet;
- Insurance against accidents.

Address: Lokėnėlių village, Jonava district. Approximately 40 km from Kaunas.


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Park Coordinates: 55.097648, 24.347827


Ordering this service, you can order a transfer service and you will not need to worry about travelling to and fro. Do not forget to indicate the place where you must be taken from.

If you do not know the exact location when ordering, please inform about it a day before the visit takes place by phone indicated in your voucher.


Duration: about 3 hours

Only individuals over 18 years of age, holding a valid driving license, are allowed to drive four-wheel quads. Group of drivers are accompanied by an instructor. One motorcycle is intended for one person. After a driver has been briefed, signs the contract.


Your orders can be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions (heavy rain, ice, etc.). In this case, you will be informed additionally. It the weather temperature is negative, the moto safari is suspended.


All visitors are insured against accidents. Four-wheel quads are also insured against all risks. Visitor’s liability in case of emergency is 300 EUR.