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Land activities

Land activities
Why to book in advance?

If you are looking for an eager activity and feel like to see Lithuania not only through a bus window, we can recommend you countless different ways of recreation: horse riding, entertainments in adventure parks, quad rides, archery, and even the exotic marshes expeditions. Karting rides, snowmobile rides, dog sledding, paintball, and even rock-climbing lessons. We will strive to offer the most attractive and diverse choice of activities.

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AMBER COMPLEX (Amber room)

Amber therapy is the new licensed method of treatment. Amber Therapy Room is a room, where walls, ceiling and the floor are coated with an appropriate layer of unpolished amber. Sessions of simple respiratory exercises are being performed in this room in order to facilitate penetration of negative ions to human body. To enhance the potential of cell’s energy, it is enough to spend a few minutes in the Amber room. The systematic breathing of oxygen saturated with airions slows the process of cell ageing of all living beings and prolongs their life span.


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Playing paintball you will feel the team spirit, experience the thrill of the fight, get a dose of adrenaline and leave us in the good mood!
Paintball is a great means to enhance the team spirit, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bachelors’ or wedding eve parties and many others.

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I am Loke. I am inviting you to visit the Bear River valley where we will have a tremendous time outdoors! How can I surprise you? My tracks are in trees at the height of 2,5–15 meters. The 6 tracks of different complexity and 4 free-flights are safely arranged! Grab your family and friends immediately and run to visit me – you are welcome to Lokės Pėda!

See you on the tracks!

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A lot of wind and obscurity, fight between determination and inner fears, physical fatigue and unexpected challenges, surprises and excitement of success accompany each of us on the road of adventure. Thirst of cognition tickles people’s curiosity. Therapy of adventure leaves no one indifferent.

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